Smile! And Thanks For Your Donation!

Amazon Smile is an easy new way to help the CVSA. Most of us buy online, right? And Amazon is the biggest vendor online. From books to music to appliances, toys and electronics, clothing, Amazon has just about everything. Let’s say you’re buying a new coffee maker, and you find the one you want at Amazon for $99. With the AmazonSmile program, half a percent of that purchase, which is 50 cents, goes to the CVSA. Smile doesn’t add anything to your cost; it’s a donation from Amazon to the CVSA. On any one purchase, the half-per-cent that Amazon donates to the CVSA is just pennies. But if all of us who believe in the CVSA use the Smile program for all of our Amazon purchases, it adds up. Yes, power in numbers.

Here are the details. Usually when we’re making a purchase from Amazon, we goto the web site With the AmazonSmile program, the only difference is that you start shopping by going to By going to, you’re telling Amazon that you want it to donate to your favorite non-profit, the CVSA. Remember, at you have the same selection, the same prices.

The first time you point your web browser at you need to specify the CVSA as your favorite non-profit. It’s really easy, here’s a quick step-by-step guide. To get started, enter the URL in your web browser, and log into your account on Amazon. (If you haven’t shopped with Amazon previously, you’ll need to create an account.) After you’ve logged in you’ll see this message that summarizes the Smile program:


On the same screen, towards the right, you’ll see this box, which is where you tell Amazon which charitable organization you want to choose. The defaults are worthy, well known organizations like the American Red Cross.


To select the CVSA, you just type in “CVSA” in the search box towards the bottom.


When you click the Search button, you’ll see a list of all the non-profits that match CVSA. Just press Select next the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association.


After you make your choice, Amazon Smile, ever polite, thanks you for using Smile.


Now, you’re ready to show, to benefit the CVSA.

Amazon remembers your choice of the CVSA, so that in the future when you go to, Amazon will already be setup to send contributions to the CVSA. And in case you’re wondering if it’s actually working, just look in the top-left corner of the Amazon home page. If you’ve setup Smile to send donation to the CVSA, it will let you know.


If you don’t see the AmazonSmile logo or the message: “Supporting: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association Inc.” then return to and make sure you’ve selected the CVSA.

That’s it. It’s easy. Just remember, always start your Amazon shopping at and half a percent of what you pay will go to the CVSA. If you forget and just shop from, no donation. So don’t do that.

Smile! It adds up.