Getting Through School

School Presentation

Want to help your friends at school understand what CVS is like?

Click below for an elementary school presentation about CVS:

CVSA Presentation For Kids

The Social Story

Social Story Sample - Helping with Headaches at Elementary School-2-1

One Family’s Effort to Make School Easier for their Young Child with CVS

“Helping … with Headaches at School” is something that my wife, Michele, put together for our daughter. It is a small book she made to explain what happens if an episode were to begin at school. It comforted and reassured our daughter that there is a plan in place and all is well. As stress is often a trigger for CVS, this extra comfort of knowing and understanding the plan, helps ease that stress for the new young students. The staff liked it a lot, but it really as much as anything is written for the student, written at their social/reading level, not that of the staff. We hope that other families might find this helpful.

Download a sample of the booklet .

Download a Word Doc of the booklet . Edit and add your own photos to customize it for your child.

For more information, email Darrin and Michele .