Hunter’s Hike


My name is Hunter Stafford, and I am currently 19 years old. I dealt with CVS from 6 months old until I was 12, and it miraculously stopped occurring when I reached seventh grade. My episodes lasted a week and occurred every 6 weeks, and all of them were characterized by severe migraines and vomiting to the point where I was IVed every episode. I thought my episodes were gone forever, until three weeks ago, when it came back again.

In June, I am planning on hiking the entire Colorado Trail in one stretch with my dad in order to raise money for CVS, and donate it all to CVSA. This trail is 486 miles and goes from Durango, CO to Denver. (See the map of the trail below.) My goal is to raise $5000 through this fundraiser, and I am currently at $300.

My fundraising page is

On Instagram, look for updates about the hike  @hikenotpuke .

Thank you!