Hospital Hints

Be Prepared

Take along a health care folder containing the following:

Use an insulated lunch bag to hold all of medications and keep it with you at all times. Within the bag you should keep an information list with:

  • Insurance Information
  • Family Names and Numbers
  • Doctor/Clinic Names and Numbers
  • All medications (how much and when)

Bring a sign to put on the hospital door ‘do not disturb, aborting an episode.’

  • Even vitals signs are handled differently. Many times they [hospital staff] batch their work. For example new IV bag with vitals at the same time done without a light on and without waking the patient.

Put a chair in the hallway to catch a breather.

Bring comfort items for the patient such as a magazine for an adult or some quiet playthings for children.

The Needs of the Caregiver

Don’t forget to take things to make your stay as a parent, spouse or patient support person easier, such as:

  • Some meal bars
  • Cell phone or quarters for the pay phone
  • Extra clothes, underwear
  • Magazines or a book to read
  • (take a book light so you can keep the room lights low)

Other Tips

  • Attach a large luggage tag to the car seat, with all medical information: Emergency contacts, physician’s names & phone numbers, all the meds, etc.
  • Keep a list with all medical information taped to the back of your child’s carseat
  • Keep a bag packed at all times with everything you’ll need for 24 hours.