Hope Starts Here  
with Holiday Cheer!

The CVSA is running our holiday program once again for the fourth year, and will be accepting donations now through the end of December.

Please consider making a charitable donation to the CVSA this holiday season.  You may want to honor a family member or friend who has CVS, or you may want to donate in lieu of giving a gift to family, friends and co-workers.

This year we will be designating 100% of our fund to the Open Access Publishing of the Adult Treatment Guidelines.

What does open access publishing mean?
The guidelines will not be distributed as a  hard copy  mailed to subscribers
(i.e. medical providers), instead it will be available to any person who has internet access. Imagine the accessibility for sufferers,
family members and physicians around the world!!
This resulting special issue will provide an excellent resource for clinicians diagnosing and treating CVS in adults around the world. We thank the initial financial donors for getting this project launched. We are now giving CVSA members and friends the opportunity to help fund the publication costs. Donor generosity is what will make this a living document which exists for the benefit of many. Also without the tireless work of each committee member, the hopes for an adult standard of care would be for naught. Gratitude for their work is endless.

If you wish to make a donation on-line please click HERE.
If you would prefer to mail a check you may do so to the address below.
Please make checks payable to the CVSA, and note: ‘Holiday Cheer’ in the memo line.

P.O. Box 270341
Milwaukee, WI 53227

All donations are tax-deductible!

Thank you so much for your support!!


Happy Holidays from the CVSA Board of Directors ~

Kathleen Adams, Ron & Ruth Novak,  Jennifer Dhuse (Assistant Program Director),
Debbie Conklyn (Program Director), Mary Rachael Lovett- Barr,
Anthony & Tara Destribats, Blynda Killian, and Kristin Koch.