Interested in starting a fundraiser for CVSA but don’t know how to get started? Or already planning a fundraiser and want to spread the word within your local CVS community as well as nationally? Let us help you, contact Kristin at for guidance.

Here are some fundraisers that other CVSers have organize:

• “Run For The Bucket” Walk/Run More Info

• Dinner or Wine Tasting Event More Info

• Silent Auction More Info

• Golf “Fore” a Cure More Info

• Coins for Hope More Info

More Fundraising Ideas:

  • “A-Thon” Events (bowl, haircut, dance, skate, swim, walk, karate, hop, jump)
  • Bake Sale
  • Garage Sale
  • Flea Market
  • Casual Day (school or work)
  • Birthday, anniversary Parties
  • Candy Sales (doughnuts, pizza)
  • Car Wash
  • Carnival Luncheons & Dinners (Wine tasting/fashion show/auction)
  • Craft Fair
  • Dinner-Dance
  • Hot Dog Sale
  • Root Beer Floats
  • Individual Direct Solicitation
  • Matching Gifts/Grants
  • Raffle/50-50
  • Online Auction Sporting Event (softball, hockey, baseball, whiffleball)
  • Supermarket Events (Round-up, percent of sale, mobiles)

“Run For The Bucket” Walk/Run

Are you looking for a way to get your community involved in a special event for CVSA? Consider organizing a “Run For The Bucket” Walk or Run in your community. CVSA families throughout the U.S. have successfully organized Walk/Run events for CVSA. These events are a great way to educate the community about CVS while raising funds to keep our programs growing. With the help of Laura Koch, National Walk Director, we can provide you with checklists, timelines, brochures, sample letters – everything you will need to get you through the event planning process.

Dinner or Wine Tasting Event

Events becoming increasingly popular include food and friends. If you like to entertain, why not host some type of a tasting event or dinner? You could host a dinner event, backyard BBQ, wine tasting party, or even a black tie dinner as one member hosted a few years ago! Maybe you would like to make it a dessert event. Whichever you decide to try, you will be helping to educate others about CVS while raising important funds to help us reach our mission!

Silent Auction

Hosting a silent auction is a fun and profitable way to raise money for CVSA. Ask friends, family, co-workers, local businesses (restaurants, dry cleaner, stores) for items or gift certificates to auction. Often times, local businesses are happy to make a donation in return for the advertising their business receives as being a caring community leader. Advertise your auction, and on auction day, display items collected and sell to the highest bidder!

Golf “Fore” a Cure

Do you golf? Do you have a group of friends or business associates that golf on a regular basis? You may want to try hosting a golf outing in your community. Golfing, whether it’s a large or small outing, can be a great way to bring your friends, family and the local business community together while creating awareness about cyclic vomiting syndrome AND raising funds.

Coins for Hope

Here’s a very simple and easy way to raise money for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association support and research. It’s so easy even a child can do it! The project is called “Coins for Hope”. Schools, churches, local boy scouts and girl scouts along with other youth groups accept collections for a set period of time. All donations collected in that time period are designated to CVSA. The “Coins for Hope” program allows the children to make a difference through their actions, one coin at a time.

Have a suggestion for a fundraiser?

Let us know! We will help in any way we can. Make the commitment to take that step to host a fundraiser in your area this year! Large or small, hosting a fundraiser is rewarding, and you raise much needed funds to help CVSA help those who live with CVS.

Let’s have some FUN and host a FUN-draiser!!!


CVSA is an international organization that welcomes all efforts to help publicize and educate the world about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  We appreciate any and all efforts to help us dispense information and awareness.  To maintain the integrity of the organization and to help us promote these efforts our usage policy is as follows:
CVSA is not affiliated in any way or form to any fundraisers or charitable organizations that raise funds for or act on behalf of CVS or CVSA without the express written consent of CVSA. If you are creating a fundraising event and want to use the CVSA logo or name you should notify the organization and obtain appropriate permissions. This will help us better monitor all of the terrific efforts.