Caregiver, Puppy Giver

ChrisJoelyMy caregiver is my husband Chris Paglione. We met at work in November 2002 at our school. We are both hardworking teachers. Everything was so great at first. We fell in love almost immediately. November 2003 was when the Puke Monster hit hard. I always had a history of being sick or having the flu way too often. This time we knew it wasn’t the flu. For 8 months I was in and out of my local hospital, and I had my gallbladder taken out. Chris would carry me to the car and drive as fast as he could to the ER trying to keep me calm. He would do everything he could, including scare the daylights out of ER doctors who did not immediately help. After my doctors at the local hospital refused to help me, Chris took me to a teaching hospital in New York City. He stood by me, holding my hand and letting me cry on his shoulder every step of the way. There I spent another 8 months and had 3 intestinal surgeries. Chris would work all day, coach his basketball team, and then take the 1 and a half drive in traffic to the hospital where he would stay with me as long as his feet could carry him…on bad days, sometimes all night where he would sleep on a chair and then drive to work at 6 am. For my birthday, he bought me a puppy and secretly brought him to the hospital just to cheer me up. Thankfully no one questioned the strange barking coming from my hospital room. Continue reading