I wasn’t a “Stomach Bug”

My daughter started getting her episodes around five years old. We would take her to her doctor and would be told it's just a stomach bug. Years of this stomach bug and yet my other two children never got this bug. 

Finally, her doctor wasn't available so we had to see the PA. She couldn't believe that we were never sent anywhere else to see what was going on. We were sent to a gastric doctor where they finally diagnosed her with CVS. 
This was after years of the doctor acting as if she was faking trying to get out of school. It's hard to watch your child vomit over and over. Its hard when your child won't eat a single bite of food for weeks on 
end. It's hard when your child drops more than ten pounds a week. It's hard when there is nothing you can do to help them. We now know when an episode is coming on. Her symptoms are mild headaches followed by mild 
stomach pains and nightmares or night terrors. Then the severe vomiting and severe stomach pains. Her episodes have lasted as long as a month. We have gotten those episodes down to a couple weeks.  I am glad we have 
found out it wasn't a stomach bug. I would rather it have been a stomach bug, but never heard of a bug lasting so long and so severe. We have changed doctors, the doctor she has now has not accused her of faking it. 
We are going through an episode right now which I believe is brought by the anticipation of going to her first time in summer camp. We had to change her camp date but we will prevail.