Ella’s Story

CVS controlled my life for a year. It was devastating to both me and my family. It took several doctor visits and hospital stays before we even began to understand what was happening to me. I would be fine for weeks, then out of nowhere, I would have crippling pain and uncontrollable vomiting for days.

I had to withdraw from the university I was attending because I was unable to keep up with my studies and manage CVS all at once and I was (for a while) unable to keep a job. Since CVS isn’t very common, it wasn’t unlikely for people to think I was lying about my condition or just “looking for attention”. It was extremely discouraging and stressful to hear employers and even some friends to express their disbelief about my claims. Eventually, I realized I could no longer care for myself alone and moved back home with my parents for the extra care and support.

The process of finding a diagnosis was miserable. I went through almost every test imaginable, tried multiple medications, and even had my gall bladder removed.
Thanks to my wonderful determined mother who spent hours doing research we finally had an idea of what was going on with me. After dealing with CVS for some time, my doctors and I were able to figure out what medications helped with symptoms and what steps to take to lessen the severity of the episodes. Now that I have my CVS more under control I am able to return to school and work without worrying about fits of vomiting very often.