The Quilt of Hope

Kate Conner of Kansas has a gift, and she has shared her gift with all of us living with CVS. Kate has used her gift to create a Quilt of Hope for all to see, and for us to share with the rest of the world as we educate them about CVS.


Kate came up with the idea of putting together a quilt using fabic contributed by 56 CVSers from across the nation. The donated fabric was used for the border, flowers and flower pots. Because each patient sent in fabric that represents them in some way, the quilt is a good visual of the diversity of CVS patients.

Each patch in the border is embroidered wit the name and age of the CVSer who donated the fabric. The colors used for each name matches the colors in the fabric allowing the names to fade into the background.

“I chose to embroider the names in this way because between attacks, it is hard to recognize a person with CVS. The only way most people learn about CVS is to get close to someone who has CVS. Likewise, the only way to see the names on the quilt its to get close to it. I felt the attic window design was appropriate because of the large amount of time CVSers spend looking out of windows wishing they could join the fun.”