Jeremy Raises over $2000 for CVSA


Jeremy Wishner of Long Beach, California has been vomiting since he was 4-1/2 months of age. He was diagnosed with CVS when he was 4 years old after numerous medical interventions, tests, medication trials and physician visits up and down the state of California.

Jeremy says he will never forget Dr. Paul Hyman (CVSA Medical Advisor) “for all his help in making me better—he was the only one I was not afraid of.”

In February 2007, Jeremy became a Bar Mitzvah. As part of his Mitzvah Project (good deed or act of charity,) he has chosen to raise money for CVSA as a way of saying thanks to all those who have helped find successful treatment for his Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

Jeremy’s Mitzvah Project was kicked off with the “Young Musicians for CVSA” concert. The concert highlighted 12 up-and-coming 12-20-year-old classical musicians, including Jeremy on the cello and a South Indian violin protégé. Jeremy’s goal was to raise $1000 from the concert, but already he has raised $1,950. This is in the form of cash donations and non-cash donations of space, printing and other supplies for his concert.

Mazel Tov Jeremy!