A Story of Inspiration

My name in Megan Grabow, I live in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Today was a success, a reunion of 13 weeks remaining out of the hospital! Praise! 🙂

I have Type 1 Diabetes and a slight case of Gastro paresis, which contributes to a long process of being diagnosed with CVS. It has taken me 2-3 years to go through hell to be able to praise the life I have today! I was diagnosed with CVS in September at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Doctor V (Thangam Venkatesan) was clear that it was a definite case of CVS. I started on the treatment with Amitriptyline immediately. Over time of increasing amitriptyline, and doing back up treatments for accelerated nausea, I have slowly gotten my life back together.

When I was diagnosed I was being hospitalized every other week for vomiting and dehydration. I lost all control of my life through this disease…. After working so hard for over 2 years, and things getting worse and worse…. I didn’t know what else to do! We had tried everything … We felt like we had seen SO many doctors! Nothing was helping… just getting worse. Doctors wanted to give me a feeding tube because they were convinced that this was related to my gastro paresis. With a little help from God they “forgot” to set up that appointment, and I believed there was a reason for that. I believed that I wasn’t supposed to be getting one, and I walked out of the hospital that day without a tube. I was getting ready to leave, and one of the doctors whom I’d worked with prior said, “I’ve been researching your case over night and I think you have Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.” She started me on a low dose of amitriptyline, I remained out for the hospital for 2 weeks instead of one this time. It was a great feeling, and I felt like there was finally hope again. Thankfully I had so much support from my family and we were lucky to get an appointment with Doctor V. I cried when she told me; joy, excitement, hope, and a little sad to rack another syndrome onto this body…. But most importantly I felt there was hope! Someone understood what I had been going through, completely! I left Doctor V’s office that day feeling good about what she told me, because I now had an answer. There was a little fear about what would happen, and if the treatment would really work. For the first few months I was on tippy toes trying to figure out how I was slowly getting better, but too nervous to talk about it because I may jinx myself! 🙂